August 21, 2015

Most home owners in Kelowna can do a decent job at re-painting a room. But a seasoned professional will do a much better job overall. Pro painters achieve a finish that will be admired, and they are way less likely to make mistakes. Obviously, pros have more experience than the average homeowner, but they also know techniques and tricks that takes time to develop. At Pro Service Painting use the right tools and equipment and have the right skill set to achieve that amazing finish. Every step is critical to the final outcome of every paint job. We have painted hundreds of homes and are happy to help in every aspect of the job from the start to finish. We have to knowledge of correct sheen choices, the best primers for leaching substrates, the best metal adhesion paints, finding the best stain matches, and choosing the correct color choices.  We aim to make a lasting impression from the friendly service, timely work ethic and paint quality that will stand for years. Give us a call today! 250-864-7653