February 25, 2015

We at Pro Service Painting always make an informative decision when choosing type of paint to use on your home here in Kelowna. We have experimented with all sorts of brands of paint and stains over the years. There have been improvements over the years to paints and we try to be ahead of the curve by knowing every possible product we can use for the job at hand. We are long past the days of lead paint and the list of oil-based paints available is dwindling. Most of the time we use 100% acrylic latex paint and the type that will stand up to the elements. We also like to use zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints that are non-toxic and have high performance. We also have had experience with automotive paints, floor epoxy, enamels, varnish, alkyds, elastomerics, and more. Both product research and years of experience go into account prior to each job we start. Give us a call and discuss with us what you need painted! Pro Service Painting – Brock 12508647653 or Justin 12508085646